Euronews Serbia proud and resolute in extendingfull support to our journalist Minja Miletic


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On the occasion of the filing of the criminal complaint for the insult to our journalist Minja Miletic by an associate of the minister, Euronews Serbia points out that we are an independent news TV channel.

We provide unfiltered, unbiased, fact-based journalism. We will always fully support our journalists so they can conduct their work freely. We are proud and resolute in extending our full support on this matter to Ms. Minja Miletic, our esteemed Euronews Serbia anchor.  

By focusing on facts, ideas, and solutions, our journalists cultivate clarity, empathy, and integrity. Journalists must be allowed to carry out their work and report free from fear or favour.  

At the same time, Euronews issued a statement regarding this case.

We at Euronews express our journalistic solidarity with our colleagues at Euronews Serbia, standing by them as they are faced with legal threats and pressure for doing their uncompromising journalistic duty to their audiences.  

Euronews together with Euronews Serbia have and will always conduct our journalistic mission regardless of any political influence, intimidation or pressure, through our fundamental editorial values of objectivity, fairness and balance.  

We will always stand together firmly in the defence of our editorial freedom and independence, in the common pursuit of impartial, truthful, honest and responsible reporting which are core values of our Euronews family.  

We encourage our colleagues at Euronews Serbia to stand firm in defending the values which brought the trust and respect of the Serbian audience.

Euronews Serbia is owned by Arena Channels Group, which is a part of Telekom Serbia, and on this occasion the company announced:

Telekom Serbia is an enabler of media freedoms. We cannot but express our support to Euronews and the journalist. Although we are a business and we do not take any political positions, we strongly believe that journalists should be free to enquire unhindered and do their work with no influence or legal threats. 

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